Blank.aspx issue with Internet Explorer 6 in CRM 4.0

If you are getting a dialog box asking to download Blank.aspx in every pop-up window in the CRM then this article is for u.

Recently, a KB cumulative hotfix (KB953838)from windows update has apparently damaged the aspx association link within Internet Explorer 6.

If you’re seeing this issue, you can resolve the problem in either the following ways:

1) Try to first save Blank.aspx as a file to your desktop.  Right-click on it, and choose to open with ‘Internet Explorer’.  Make sure to check on ‘always use this…’  Failing this try either of the following:
2) Uninstall the KB patch from the user’s Add/Remove Programs
3) Install Internet Explorer 7 overtop of IE 6
4) Remote into the CRM server, and open Blank.aspx in notepad.  (note: Blank.aspx can be found in: My Computer -> Program Files -> Microsoft Dynamic CRM -> CRMWeb -> _root -> Blank.aspx
On the header of Blank.aspx, add the word test and save Blank.aspx.  Restart IIS, and then clear the temporary internet files of the user with the issue.

Try any of above which suits u most.

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