Issue with Data Export Service Add-ons

In one of requirement, we wanted to use CRM Data for reporting purpose but due to some limitation with FetchXml (like N-N relationship) we were unable to get desire data so we decided to use Data Export Service Add-ons to push into Azure and make use of data for reporting purpose.

When we tried to install/Enable the Data Export Service from Dynamics Marketplace, the add-on installed successfully without any error but when we tried browse Data Export Service(Settings -> Data Export), it was showing blank page and Data Export Profile page was not displaying at all in IE 11 as below.

We raised ticket to Microsoft and they suggested to add below URL in IE trusted site list and once we added these sites in trusted site, we were able to see Data Export Profile page(Settings->Data Export) as shown below.

Note: In Google Chrome , It was working fine even without adding above URLs in trusted sites.

Hope this will help someone.

Author: Arvind Singh

Solution Architect with 15+ years of exp. Dynamics CRM, Power Platform, Azure which includes Solution, Design, Development, Deployment, Maintenance and support experience.

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