How to Create a, “No Code”, Lead Capture Solution

Donna Edwards

Today I would like to share with you how easy it is to get started using PowerApps and the Common Data Service.  For this example, I created a “Lead Entry” PowerApp for use by Sales to quickly enter a new Lead from any supported device.  The lead will be entered into my company’s Dynamics 365 online application and then moved to the Common Data Service using Microsoft Flow.

This article assumes that you have given your user record the required licenses in your Office 365 account (PowerApps & Flow) and that you have logged into the PowerApps admin area and set the appropriate privileges on the environment.  Here are a couple of articles to help with those steps if you have not completed them.

PowerApp Q & A

CDS Environment Overview

Create CDS database 

This article will walk you through the creation of a Common Data Service database, a PowerApp…

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